Toriko and Blue Exorcist

Hey Everyone as you have probably noticed Shonen Jump has created two new series, both of these series have been subbed and eventually will be dubbed from manly cooking to dealing with demons both outside and within Toriko and Blue Exorcist are very well done series but which one is better for now, which one stands out more and could be the next Dragonball Z or Bleach. In this review I will be comparing the series on different aspects opening, animation, characters, plot and of course ACTION to see which is the better. But this is just a first impression of these series like many other series before them these shows may go on for hundreds of episodes so they many improve or lack in aspects of the series later on so I will be going back and doing more opinions as these series continue.


The opening for Toriko is fast paced with an adventurous tone which makes the song very catchy which is very important for a series the creators want you to watch the episodes and a great opening is the way to do it the lyrics are over the top and perfect for a Shonen Jump series with lyrics like “Devour a mountain” are great for hooking viewers for the series. Blue Exorcist instead of having a dark, overly moody opening like a lot of other series of this style but changes things up with a jazzy “blues” opening which I don’t think has been used for an anime but its not as catchy and over the top like the Toriko opening, its still good put the point goes to Toriko

Toriko: 1/ Blue Exorcist:0


Toriko creates a world of fantastic worlds with root beer waterfalls and to a forest of skyscraper sized corn and in this world is a plethora of bizarre and delicious creatures and the animation does a good job of creating this world and the animation is fluid and detailed which make the world seem full of adventure and excitement. Blue Exorcist has great dark tones but not over the top in the shadows making seem like so run of the mill emo series and at times the detail is so good I thought I was watching Spirited Away but only at times the animation is still good but the point goes to Toriko for a bright, exciting world that catches the viewers attention.

Toriko: 2/ Blue Exorcist: 0


The characters of Toriko fill the classic roles we know the hero, the sidekick who makes the hero seem more awesome, the quiet, dark ally, the pretty boy and the girls but they don’t get much development outside of the type of character they are. In Blue Exorcist we get to see who the characters really are and the interaction with other characters like Rin, the main characters of the show and the relationship he shares with his brother and guardian they don’t get along but you feel the love they have for each other so the point goes to Blue Exorcist

Toriko: 2/ Blue Exorcist: 1


In the Gourmet World there are flavors yet to be tasted and its up to the Bishokuya (Gourmet Hunters) to track down these heavenly foods and bring these back for cash and flavors not yet tasted by mortal man, one of the best Gourmet Hunters is Toriko who must find new amazing flavors to fulfill his dream of the ultimate full course meal. From climbing huge mountains for mouth-watering fruit to taking down massive creatures whose meat make your taste buds feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven. The plot makes cooking seem like the most manliest thing in the world combining the over the top action of Dragonball Z, the creative world and ultimate dream of One Piece and the collecting of Pokemon, sounds like a great series the only problem I have is with the killing, with as many endangered species we have having as show with killing rare animals for delicious meals makes me wonder the fate of today’s endangered species if this view point continues

Rin seems like a normal teen with some unusual strength and anger (no his last names not Banner) until he discovers he is the son of the devil and goes out to stop the demons from entering the real world while dealing with the demon within himself. This series mixes the inner demons and action of Bleach with great character development and dark tones of Full Metal Alchemist this series has a great story with realistic characters that makes it the series with the better plot.

Toriko: 2/ Blue Exorcist: 2

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