Angel Beats! Review

Angel Beats is one of the few shows that has gotten me to laugh hysterically and cry torrentially. The way the audience is drawn into the show and the characters simply demands emotional attachment, which is thoroughly exploited. Whether it’s to make you feel happy, sad, exhilerated, horrified, or melted, your emotions are Angel Beats!’s property after episode two. Get ready for a rollercoaster.

Story: The story is focused on Otonashi, who wakes up to a startling new world, the afterlife. The world seems like purgatory from Catholicism, with ideas of Bhuddism mixed in. Otonashi has a case of amnesia, and skepticism as he converses with Yurippe, Yuri for short, and his mistrust leads him to his first of many extreme situations. He quickly finds out that while physics and the sense of pain are still intact the ability to die no longer exists, and accoriding to Yurippe it has been replaced with a mysterious “obliteration.” He returns to Yuri’s group and joins a great cast of characters as they fight against Angel, and he fights to survive until he can regain his memories. The story starts out rather slow but picks up steam as it progresses. It has an incredible range of emotions and has an actual ending (thank goodness I hate open endings). Therefor I’m giving it a 9 of 10 a great and original story, that is finished but not fully explained.

Characters: The cast of characters in this show is wild. Angel Beats! has everything from the epitome of a narcisisst Takeyama to the permahigh spaced out TK (who is better in the sub than the dub). Each character manages to hold on to their own identity and earn a place in the heart of the viewer, especially the four most important characters. Yurippe is a strong and driven leader who hides a sensitive sweetness. Otonashi’s normalicy and generosity serve as an anchor for the viewer. While Hideki is a great medium between the insanity of the side characters and gritty realness of the main characters. Angel is inhumanly unemotional which serves to both scare the viewer and endear her to them as the story progresses. The story arcs and histories of most characters is simply superb and is the reason the series is successful. Each has a draw and each feels real. For characters this show earns a 10 of 10.

I feel that the music in this show really deserves a mention. I thoroughly enjoyed all the music in this show, the opening theme, the in-show concerts, the iconic “mission” music, even the ending credits was fantastic. my only complaint with the music would be that the “mission” music was a little bit too loud, I think this was done in order to make the viewer connect it to its purpose as soon as possible, as this is a short show.

Overall: To me this anime deserves nothing less than a ten. While I don’t agree with all the sentiments expressed, I’ve never been so impacted by another anime. The anime is a strong candidate for my favorite anime and was definitely worth the time to watch. I have watched both the subbed and dubbed anime and either way it still feels like the same great show (although TK is noticeably better in subbed). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and thanks for reading.

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