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I usually suck at this kind of thing but I hope I do an okay job today. First off welcome to the new reviews section! Second this is my review on Welcome to the NHK!. From here on out I will refer to it as NHK to save typing; anyway this anime is actually based off of a light novel created by Takimoto Tatsuhiko created when I needed an idea for a story the night before some conference (from what I gathered from my research). He and a friend got together that night at a all night café and came up with NHK. Now that there is a bit of background on the creation of NHK I will begin by rating how I feel about each of these areas along with listing my reasoning as to why and a final thought on if it is worth watching. The rating system I will use is a grading system much like that in school where A is the best and F is the worst.

Graphics/Animation: C
I am usually quite picky on the style of animation in anime that I will watch. This barely passed my criteria because I heard good things about the series from a friend of mine. All in all graphic and animation-wise I do not think there is much to say. It’s normal in my eyes. Thus since it is normal and average (for the studio that produced it) I give NHK a passing grade.

Story: B
NHK is a slice of life series that follows the life of Tatsuhiro Sato a hikikomori and NEET. The story is something you do not see every day and despite the darkness of the topic the story still manages to make you laugh because of the comic elements the writer manages to convey in it. It seamlessly integrates the characters and the story into a normal plot even if there is a vast number of slice of life elements to it (in fact most of the episodes just follow Sato’s life and his relationship with the other two primarily characters the heroine Misaki Nakahara and a underclassmen of Tatsu’s Kaoru Yamazaki.

Opening: C
The opening theme was normal from a graphics standpoint (aside from that the opening credits were NOT translated to English. The music makes up for that though.

Ending: C +
The ending music and in line music used in this series is quite good in my opinion.

Characters: B +
The characters in this series worked well together and were well designed and well thought out though you do not learn a lot about their background until the end of the story and at the end of the anime though part of the story is left open it gives enough of a closing to where you feel satisfied. Near the end you start getting the ability to predict what a character will do in reaction to another’s actions. Some may see that as bad but I believe if a story is well written and you start to be able to sympathize and understand why a character does what they do so much so that you know what the character will do the writer has done their job.

I know this review was short but I hope it at least gave you a general idea of what to expect from the series and hopefully encouraged you to watch it. I enjoyed it and would recommend watching it. I do wish it was slightly longer so you could see Tatsu and Misaki-chan’s relationship grow but considering the plot it was a good end. If anyone has any questions or has anything else they would like me to review please contact me.

Joshua Hina
Reviewed on behalf of PimpAnime.com
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