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Sorry I haven’t gotten any reviews out recently but there will be more coming soon, with that said lets talk about what happens when you take the ancient traditional style of the samurai in the late Edo period and turn them into beat boxing gangsters with all the slang and mannerisms, that’s right none other then Samurai Champloo, created by Shinichir? Watanabe who gives an interesting almost Tarantino style to this series, like the last reviewer I’m going to use the school grad system, so let check out this sick series.

Graphic/Animation: A-

The animation of this series is incredible but at times it can be bad but the animation only cuts corners when it really needs to when a character is far away you can’t see their face, there’s even a part where the main character gets high and the whole animations gets trippy and cheap, but it still goes with the feel

Story: B+

The story is nothing more then a very big escort mission, but along the way craziness ensues with random encounters ranging from Dutch warriors to the freaking New York Mets (yeah apparently baseball was very popular before it was even invented). The story is interesting but I feels like its been done before.

Opening: A

I am not a big fan of rap, but the opening of this series is quite good when it comes to rap, I love samurai stories and this one gets the feel of the code of these warriors and what this time was like if they had hip hop back then

Ending: B

The ending is standard but it is kind of interesting, the music pretty good not a lot to say on it

Characters: B

The characters are standard almost just plain archetypes Mugen’s a rebellious smart mouth badass, Jin’s smart and sensible and Fuu is the one at times complaining but not to the point of annoyance and keeping order between these two samurai, not great characters but still not terrible


For 26 episodes it’s a pretty good series with cool fight scenes, a pretty good art style and a very unique style that tells an interesting story that’s worth a look if you get the opportunity if anyone has any questions or has anything else they would like me to review please contact me.

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