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First Impressions Review of the Game Lucent Heart
By Joshua Hina on behalf of

Hello again everyone; tonight I bring you yet another first impressions review. It is for the game Lucent Heart; developed by Gamaina Digital Entertainment Co. LTD headquartered in Taiwan. Gamaina is most known for its games but also offers other services and is a worldwide company with offices all over Asia; North America and Europe. The international servers are maintained by Gamaina’s US arm of the same name also known as Beanfun!. I am the only one doing the review tonight because slay is busy with something else. Anyway on to the review I go…

Overall based on the hype I saw on this game’s forums it definitely meets those expectations. LH is coined as a dating MMORPG. It has an integrated relationship system that actually allows those whom have a good relationship together to fight better (unlike most MMOs where it just gives you a static increase). The community in this game is also very welcoming and helpful. Their forum is actually active (not full of trolling unlike most developers). The attention to detail in this game also is very good. I just started playing the game when its closed beta was released today; that is not to say that the game is 100 percent yet but as with all betas you can only expect bugs. Aside from the few I have seen (related to mail) the game is very good. Rather than continue to babble on the same topics I will move on…


As with everything in Asia this game’s music is well done; something Asian developers have my gratitude for is the music in their games. Anyone who has seen an anime with good musical scores knows what I am talking about here. So in the music department I give my initial look a 9 out of 10.


Now moving on to graphics; the graphics in this game are anime-like and look good. There I also detail in character costumes and customization options. The Loading screens are also nice looking. The only thing related to looking at the game that I find lacking is the type of text they use for the games font. (it hurts my eyes). With that said 8 of 10.

Game Play

After playing for an hour the basic dynamics of the game (combat, moving around etcetera) have finally come to me. Though it did take some time for me to gather how the game actually works. The game is interesting aside from it taking awhile to actually understand the game. There are still a few things that escape me though. The menu is also quite hard to understand and in a rather strange place (next to the map on the right middle of the screen; at least I assume that is a map) With that my rating for game play is a 5 out of 10. Hopefully the system becomes easier to understand or makes more sense to me over time and in my next review I won’t be as harsh.


As mentioned before the player-base of this game on its forums are very active and nice. In game I can see them getting along, though the one thing I have to say on the matter is there are too many people; when you have hundreds of users spawn in the same zone wondering around, it makes it hard if not impossible to start playing and understand the game. They really should have made a few branch servers for this game or channels to allow other users to start elsewhere after hitting a certain cap in a specified channel. With that said I still like the fact that people are nice here, though there is need for improvement on dealing with the ARMIES of players in the main town. It’s like SWG on my old laptop all over again… My rating for the community in this game is a 6 of 10. This score is mainly due to the armada of players idling in and talking in spawn making it impossible to talk or get around without encountering idlers or people filling your chat and on that note the GMs in town are swamped with requests because there is no in game petition system thus everyone requests help in the world chat causing additional issues with communication to the staff. (Though their ticket system is excellent; every issue I have had has been resolved within a few hours, even late night on the weekends. So I do have to give Beanfun credit where it is due; they are doing a great job with what they have to work with.)

Conclusion/Overall Score

With my concerns above noted and the general feel of the game I am going to have to say that even with its problems, I would highly recommend this game. I plan on staying in it and continuing to try and learn it. I will provide another review in a few weeks. For now my initial impression of Lucent Heart is great and its overall rating is 8 out of 10. As always if anyone has any questions, concerns or comments about my reviews or suggestions for something I should review please contact me.

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