Ether Saga Odyssey

First Impressions Review of Ether Saga Odyssey
By Joshua Hina and Joshua Travis on behalf of
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Hello and welcome to a special first impressions review of a new anime-like MMORPG released by Perfect World Entertainment called Ether Saga Odyssey. Perfect World Entertainment is the North American arm of game developer Perfect World Co LTD and is based in Foster City, California most known for maintaining and developing its self-named MMO Perfect World International. Recently Perfect World has been expanding out into many other games and one of those is Ether Saga Odyssey which we will refer to as ESO from here on out. I will be giving my initial assessment of the game then Josh will be doing so as well. We will be completing a longer review of the game and providing more details later in the month. If you have any comments or suggestions please email [email protected] or if you are interested in the game and would like to give it a shot you can visit the ESO home page at

ESO is a fantasy MMORPG that allows you to select from 8 classes and up to as many as 4 races though only certain classes can be certain races. It allows for limited character customization but its graphics, music and opening/loading screens are very well done. The game’s community seems active and overall seem to enjoy the game which in itself is a reason to play; it is rare to find nice communities in the MMO world now a-days. All in all my initial play through of a few hours over this week the only issues I have noticed relate to character customization and monster respawn being too fast. Initially I give this game a seven out of ten and would recommend if you have a few minutes to give it a chance. We will be doing another review later this month that will be more detailed in addition to showing screenshots and an overview of the games ratings. For now though I will pass this over to Josh Travis who will give his review of the game.

My download was rather speedy taking about 20 minute in total, which was something I liked. I went in thinking they had a lot of races and classes but they don’t really have as much as you think it’s more or less pick the class you want, which was fine but I don’t think they should advertise 4 races as that implies that you can choose between any class and race combo it’s not that at all. It was also rather easy to get to level 10 as I did so in a half hour period, while learning the controls. Game play was smooth and open but I felt the respawning enemies came back a bit too fast, you killed one and blink another is there. The bag system was simple to get and it organized itself for you, I thought that was nice but if you needed help on anything it was complex and hard to work around.

I think this game has some end game potential I just never made it that far. It boasts about having tons of pets, and in game it has a pet fusing which increases your hp and mp. This is a neat thing it’s either fight on your own with extra power or fight with your pet. I don’t know how much faster mounts are but it didn’t feel as fast as it should. But other then that the game looks good sounds good and feels fun. If I were to put it at a score for its lower level content it would make a 7/10 I don’t know how it’s higher level content though as I never made it that far.

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