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Welcome to yet another review; today’s review covers Eden of the East a psychological, mystery romance anime that I rather enjoyed. The series reviews from critics got rather high marks in just the first set of episodes though my review covers the entire series; save for the movies that is. Eden of the East is produced by Production I.G. I have to say this is another great work by them and as things seems to always do it inspires me to write yet another book… Maybe I should finish the stories I am writing now rather than plan to make 20 books and never publish one. Something else that interests me is this series brings up a good idea; give people 10 billion yen (I think that converts roughly to 10 million US Dollars) and tell them that they need to better/save the nation with that money then seeing what they do. Anyway on to the description…

Akira Takizawa awakens in Washington D.C finding himself naked with only a phone and a gun without any memories. He then meets Saki Morimi a 21 year old student as she is being confronted by the police for tossing a coin at the White House. Together they return to Japan and begin to unravel Akira’s past and the mysteries of his phone, the 8.2 billion yen he has and the reason for wiping his memories.


Animation: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Story: 8/10
Music: 9/10
Overall: 8.5/10


I rather enjoyed this series and compliment Production I.G. on pumping out another good series. The characters are lovable and you get to know them over the course of the series though some of them are introduced rather late in the supporting roles most of them take that is acceptable. (the story almost entirely just follows Akira and Saki.) The characters bond well and the story develops well over the time that is given for the anime to run; almost every episode ends at a point that it has pulled you in so that you need to watch the next. Even the ending of the anime has me wanting to watch the movies because of the storytelling and how it was conveyed. The opening, ending and in between music are great as well but what you can expect; Japan really puts a lot into music for games and anime. Overall my main issue with the series is the abrupt ending and the story leaving you wanting more in the end; they really should have created a second season. With that said I also wish that more of the relationship dynamic would have been shown between Akira and Saki; they seem rather close for only just meeting and based on the trust they have built I can only theorize that they become lovers; but what can you expect from anime within the romance genre. With that said this completes yet another review. If anyone has any comments please feel free to post them as a comment to this review.

Joshua Hina
On behalf of PimpAnime.com

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