The Sacred Blacksmith

Welcome to another review! Tonight I just completed The Sacred Blacksmith after finding it on Netflix. I have to say I enjoyed the series though I do think it should have been longer but all in all Manglobe did a good job with this series. Below is a summary from Netflix that explains the general idea of the story then my review follows:

Based on a popular Manga series, this anime follows young Cecily Campbell as she becomes the latest member of her family to join an order of knights that protects the city — only to be challenged by a powerful foe. Luckily, skilled swordsman Luke — the Sacred Blacksmith — comes to Cecily’s rescue. When a demonic presence begins to wreak havoc on the land, Cecily teams up with Luke and his assistant, Lisa, to fight the mysterious villain.

Animation: 9 out of 10
Characters: 8 out of 10
Music: 8 out of 10
Plot/Story: 6 out of 10
Final Score: 8

At first the story picks up slowly and kind of gets confusing because it goes back and forth but later on things make sense. There are a LOT of loose ends with this anime though as if they are forcing you to go read the Manga or light novels. I did like the story but as I said there are loose ends and lots of episodes that leave you wondering… The music was alright; the opening did not grab me at first but over time I got use to it; the same goes for the ending theme. The characters and animation from Manglobe Studios were probably the best thing about this series in my opinion. This Anime has comedy, a lot of action siced in with adolescent romance where the main characters feelings for the main male character are there but not really realized … or rather she’s too afraid or worried about what expressing her feelings for him to do anything about her feelings until the last two episodes. Some final thoughts on this; if you’ve got six hours to kill I recommend grabbing this anime though Manglobe should have made it longer and there were a lot of plot points that got lost in the ending… so there is something to be desired but all in all the series was good and I feel it was worth my time though I am quite sure that this anime will never gain a whole lot of publicity it was still again worth it. Thanks to those who read this and I hope this review was better. If you have any questions or if I royally suck at this reviews thing please feel free to email me and tell me this.

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