Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is the new free to play MMORPG to be brought to us by Aeria Games.

This Review shall be my experience of playing the game from level 1 to 10. That way I can have a strong idea of playing Eden Eternal.

I’ll start with Character Creation, where I choose from a variety of customization options before choosing the Warrior Class. There is then a section called Heroic Traits, which you could say is Secondary to your chosen Class as you level up with both using separate experience levels for the Class and the Trait.

I decided to choose the Maverick’ Heroic Trait, which focuses on speed, evasion and dealing damage ferociously and quickly.

The game then begins with an opening sequence that gives a back story behind the game, which helps because without it you could be very confused once you begin in the game.

I’d like to just quickly mention that the Interface is actually quite simple and adjustable. Without any trouble at all, many options can be changed and skills can be applied to hot keys without a lengthy, or complicated explanation to how to do it.

The game from the first few quests immediately has a sense of continuity, which continues throughout the game. Every quest followed easily after the previous quest. I was also happy to see that the quests made sure to explain that there was a sufficient reason for you to complete each of them.

The atmosphere of the game as I worked my way through the first few levels was very calm and fun to look at and be a part of. The color and design of the characters and your surroundings is very creative and intriguing. I also had a strong feeling that I was really hitting these creatures because the animation is very responsive and extremely believable. There is also a genuine change of the music as you travel from place to place, which gives a sense of journey as you play through the game.

Also you get given a free dog as a pet. It’s more of a starter pet but what I really want to talk about is what I discovered at level 5. As you level up you are able to swap to different classes that you unlock, which also enables you to make more characters with other classes then the starter chooses of; Mage and Warrior.

The reason I loved this was that unlike so many other games I’ve played you are able to swap classes at any moment you want. You can do this at any time and anywhere in the game. You can also swap your armor from heavy to light or to a cloth armor set. This can help as some classes are better with certain armor.

This is also the first game I’ve been happy using a Healing Class in a game because when I swapped to the Cleric Class I could still use my two swords. The reason for this I assume is because I was originally a Warrior Class. I just like the idea of being able to still fight aggressively even though I’m a Healing Class.

I continued the game until I reached level 10 where by this point I had arrived at Tranquil Hill, which I immediately loved because of the harbour. (When you play the game, you have to visit the harbor just to enjoy looking around.) I found that I hadn’t looked at the time or stopped playing even once. I didn’t feel irritated or tired as I have with some MMOs that can become repetitive and boring very quickly. This game though successfully keeps you interested as if it were as natural as breathing.

My final thoughts is that this is a game for the casual gamer and the serious gamer alike. It caters to the player with a constant sense of variety of what you can do in the game. If it continues the way it has in the first 10 levels, then Eden Eternal will defiantly be a very good game indeed.

From Rockyeahh (Charlie Gracie).

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