Highlander: The Search For Vengence

Basic Information:
Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri – Recommended works: Ninja Scroll (Movie), Wicked City (Movie) & Vampire D: Bloodlust (Movie).
Writer: David Abramowitz – Recommended works: Highlander: The Series & Highlander: The Raven.
Created by Madhouse Studio and IMAGI Animation Studios.
The Dubbed version is defiantly available.
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Age rating: 15
Year of release: 2007


Highlander: The Search For Vengeance. It is an excellent thrill ride through the immortal hero Colin McLeod’s lifelong search for himself, led by his determination for vengeance. His hatred of Marcus Octavius and the sorrow he has felt through the loss of his love and clan at the hands of Octavius. He is a Highlander and he will never surrender and never give up, no matter how long into the ages he must fight.

I’m not planning to write this review in context, with the previous entries to the Highlander franchise. I will simply write from the point of view of someone completely new to the world of the Highlander franchise.

The Film may on the surface seem to be a simple and bloody hack n slash shounen. In reality it is a complex story with an extremely deep characters, within a remarkably epic tale. It is filled with passion, courage, war, magic and the list could simply go on. There is no franchise to date to have been modernised as brilliantly as they have done for Highlander.

The Animation and composition of every inch of Highlander is electrifyingly immersive and beautifully portrayed for each time period. If you have no interest in shounen or seinen you will still be able to give yourself to this wonderfully crafted Film. Its story is universal but not mediocre. The story is paced well and structured to the finest element and it could easily be one of the greatest Anime Films of the last decade.

The other distinctive stand out area is the main character Colin McLeod. It is impossible not to be given a lasting impression by this man. He carries a thousand years of regret on his shoulders. His path of revenge was one he leads without any other thought than of revenge but when finally understands that revenge isn’t the only reason he can fight. What this McLeod looks for is something that has always been there, while he was blinded by his hatred.

My final words are ‘The sword is nothing as a weapon but is everything in the hands of freedom.’

Written By Charlie Gracie

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