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As you can see there has been a lot of progress with PA. A little bit I have done but most of the work is thanks to Brandon and Kris. Please thank them for all the hard work. They will be updating the site daily with new episodes. On another note the comments are now using Discus, a report section was added to the anime episodes, We will also be doing game and anime reviews again periodically. They will be included in this news section. The site is well on the way to being what it was before; now we just need you to help spread the site…. Tell your friends and let people know PA i back. We are also looking for a chat moderator since most of our mods seem to have disappeared. If you want to apply just contact us through the contact form (Please don’t spam chatango accounts about it; I am in finals at Uni and Brandon and Kris have a lot on their plate with the site and outside lives.). If you need anything feel free to reach out.



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    Some videos have ads please do not blame us for them as they are apart of the video hosting websites the Anime is hosted on, if you have issues loading our videos please try a mirror link if it is available or try disabling Adblock Plus because that plugin blocks some of the videos, please do not follow through with any of the ads that follow from the videos as some of them could potentially be a scam or worse. Thank you for taking the time to read this -PimpAnime


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    Please do not post spoilers, that is very rude to people who have not seen the specific Episode or Series, please be respectful and treat others how you would like to be treated happy commenting!

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