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    The site is back online once again. It keeps dropping and the few staff we have are not doing much updating but I hope that people still at least will visit to say “This thing still exists”. Anyway; that is really why this is here… Even those of you who say I am bad… That is the reason this is up; for all of you guys. I will keep my promise of keeping this alive in some fashion for its little nostalgic community. Peace guys.


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    Sorry for any trouble this work has caused. We have completed the updates on the old theme. If you have suggestions please let us know. – Risa

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    Hey folks,

    I am happy to say the site is back online. We were down due to a DMCA and have sense moved hosts. I am in the process of finding something for redundancy in case we get DMCA’ed again. We have updated the websites software and are now handing things off to Brandon again so that anime can get set up again. If anyone wants to help please contact us at admin (at) pimpanime.com.

    RisaXSeph (Echo-chan on chatango)

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    So as some have seen on the chat we are in need of help running the site. Currently we only have two staff. I run the server, moderate and handle reports. Brandon (9tails) handles uploading the keeping the content up to date. We both work and I am limited by my university internet to being unable to upload. Please help if you can by contacting us at admin (at) pimpanime.com or reaching out to Brandon via chatango.

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    As you can see there has been a lot of progress with PA. A little bit I have done but most of the work is thanks to Brandon and Kris. Please thank them for all the hard work. They will be updating the site daily with new episodes. On another note the comments are now using Discus, a report section was added to the anime episodes, We will also be doing game and anime reviews again periodically. They will be included in this news section. The site is well on the way to being what it was before; now we just need you to help spread the site…. Tell your friends and let people know PA i back. We are also looking for a chat moderator since most of our mods seem to have disappeared. If you want to apply just contact us through the contact form (Please don’t spam chatango accounts about it; I am in finals at Uni and Brandon and Kris have a lot on their plate with the site and outside lives.). If you need anything feel free to reach out.



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    We once again have a new version of PimpAnime thanks to Brandon and a friend. We are still working on the site so stand by. Hopefully things will be all nice and built within a few days. If you want to help out just email one of us.



    Eden Eternal

    Eden Eternal is the new free to play MMORPG to be brought to us by Aeria Games.

    This Review shall be my experience of playing the game from level 1 to 10. That way I can have a strong idea of playing Eden Eternal.

    I’ll start with Character Creation, where I choose from a variety of customization options before choosing the Warrior Class. There is then a section called Heroic Traits, which you could say is Secondary to your chosen Class as you level up with both using separate experience levels for the Class and the Trait.

    I decided to choose the Maverick’ Heroic Trait, which focuses on speed, evasion and dealing damage ferociously and quickly.

    The game then begins with an opening sequence that gives a back story behind the game, which helps because without it you could be very confused once you begin in the game.

    I’d like to just quickly mention that the Interface is actually quite simple and adjustable. Without any trouble at all, many options can be changed and skills can be applied to hot keys without a lengthy, or complicated explanation to how to do it.

    The game from the first few quests immediately has a sense of continuity, which continues throughout the game. Every quest followed easily after the previous quest. I was also happy to see that the quests made sure to explain that there was a sufficient reason for you to complete each of them.

    The atmosphere of the game as I worked my way through the first few levels was very calm and fun to look at and be a part of. The color and design of the characters and your surroundings is very creative and intriguing. I also had a strong feeling that I was really hitting these creatures because the animation is very responsive and extremely believable. There is also a genuine change of the music as you travel from place to place, which gives a sense of journey as you play through the game.

    Also you get given a free dog as a pet. It’s more of a starter pet but what I really want to talk about is what I discovered at level 5. As you level up you are able to swap to different classes that you unlock, which also enables you to make more characters with other classes then the starter chooses of; Mage and Warrior.

    The reason I loved this was that unlike so many other games I’ve played you are able to swap classes at any moment you want. You can do this at any time and anywhere in the game. You can also swap your armor from heavy to light or to a cloth armor set. This can help as some classes are better with certain armor.

    This is also the first game I’ve been happy using a Healing Class in a game because when I swapped to the Cleric Class I could still use my two swords. The reason for this I assume is because I was originally a Warrior Class. I just like the idea of being able to still fight aggressively even though I’m a Healing Class.

    I continued the game until I reached level 10 where by this point I had arrived at Tranquil Hill, which I immediately loved because of the harbour. (When you play the game, you have to visit the harbor just to enjoy looking around.) I found that I hadn’t looked at the time or stopped playing even once. I didn’t feel irritated or tired as I have with some MMOs that can become repetitive and boring very quickly. This game though successfully keeps you interested as if it were as natural as breathing.

    My final thoughts is that this is a game for the casual gamer and the serious gamer alike. It caters to the player with a constant sense of variety of what you can do in the game. If it continues the way it has in the first 10 levels, then Eden Eternal will defiantly be a very good game indeed.

    From Rockyeahh (Charlie Gracie).

    The Sacred Blacksmith

    Welcome to another review! Tonight I just completed The Sacred Blacksmith after finding it on Netflix. I have to say I enjoyed the series though I do think it should have been longer but all in all Manglobe did a good job with this series. Below is a summary from Netflix that explains the general idea of the story then my review follows:

    Based on a popular Manga series, this anime follows young Cecily Campbell as she becomes the latest member of her family to join an order of knights that protects the city — only to be challenged by a powerful foe. Luckily, skilled swordsman Luke — the Sacred Blacksmith — comes to Cecily’s rescue. When a demonic presence begins to wreak havoc on the land, Cecily teams up with Luke and his assistant, Lisa, to fight the mysterious villain.

    Animation: 9 out of 10
    Characters: 8 out of 10
    Music: 8 out of 10
    Plot/Story: 6 out of 10
    Final Score: 8

    At first the story picks up slowly and kind of gets confusing because it goes back and forth but later on things make sense. There are a LOT of loose ends with this anime though as if they are forcing you to go read the Manga or light novels. I did like the story but as I said there are loose ends and lots of episodes that leave you wondering… The music was alright; the opening did not grab me at first but over time I got use to it; the same goes for the ending theme. The characters and animation from Manglobe Studios were probably the best thing about this series in my opinion. This Anime has comedy, a lot of action siced in with adolescent romance where the main characters feelings for the main male character are there but not really realized … or rather she’s too afraid or worried about what expressing her feelings for him to do anything about her feelings until the last two episodes. Some final thoughts on this; if you’ve got six hours to kill I recommend grabbing this anime though Manglobe should have made it longer and there were a lot of plot points that got lost in the ending… so there is something to be desired but all in all the series was good and I feel it was worth my time though I am quite sure that this anime will never gain a whole lot of publicity it was still again worth it. Thanks to those who read this and I hope this review was better. If you have any questions or if I royally suck at this reviews thing please feel free to email me and tell me this.

    Joshua Hina
    On Behalf of Pimpanime.com

    [email protected]

    Eden Of the East

    Welcome to yet another review; today’s review covers Eden of the East a psychological, mystery romance anime that I rather enjoyed. The series reviews from critics got rather high marks in just the first set of episodes though my review covers the entire series; save for the movies that is. Eden of the East is produced by Production I.G. I have to say this is another great work by them and as things seems to always do it inspires me to write yet another book… Maybe I should finish the stories I am writing now rather than plan to make 20 books and never publish one. Something else that interests me is this series brings up a good idea; give people 10 billion yen (I think that converts roughly to 10 million US Dollars) and tell them that they need to better/save the nation with that money then seeing what they do. Anyway on to the description…

    Akira Takizawa awakens in Washington D.C finding himself naked with only a phone and a gun without any memories. He then meets Saki Morimi a 21 year old student as she is being confronted by the police for tossing a coin at the White House. Together they return to Japan and begin to unravel Akira’s past and the mysteries of his phone, the 8.2 billion yen he has and the reason for wiping his memories.


    Animation: 9/10
    Characters: 9/10
    Story: 8/10
    Music: 9/10
    Overall: 8.5/10


    I rather enjoyed this series and compliment Production I.G. on pumping out another good series. The characters are lovable and you get to know them over the course of the series though some of them are introduced rather late in the supporting roles most of them take that is acceptable. (the story almost entirely just follows Akira and Saki.) The characters bond well and the story develops well over the time that is given for the anime to run; almost every episode ends at a point that it has pulled you in so that you need to watch the next. Even the ending of the anime has me wanting to watch the movies because of the storytelling and how it was conveyed. The opening, ending and in between music are great as well but what you can expect; Japan really puts a lot into music for games and anime. Overall my main issue with the series is the abrupt ending and the story leaving you wanting more in the end; they really should have created a second season. With that said I also wish that more of the relationship dynamic would have been shown between Akira and Saki; they seem rather close for only just meeting and based on the trust they have built I can only theorize that they become lovers; but what can you expect from anime within the romance genre. With that said this completes yet another review. If anyone has any comments please feel free to post them as a comment to this review.

    Joshua Hina
    On behalf of PimpAnime.com

    Ether Saga Odyssey

    First Impressions Review of Ether Saga Odyssey
    By Joshua Hina and Joshua Travis on behalf of PimpAnime.com
    [email protected] and [email protected]

    Hello and welcome to a special first impressions review of a new anime-like MMORPG released by Perfect World Entertainment called Ether Saga Odyssey. Perfect World Entertainment is the North American arm of game developer Perfect World Co LTD and is based in Foster City, California most known for maintaining and developing its self-named MMO Perfect World International. Recently Perfect World has been expanding out into many other games and one of those is Ether Saga Odyssey which we will refer to as ESO from here on out. I will be giving my initial assessment of the game then Josh will be doing so as well. We will be completing a longer review of the game and providing more details later in the month. If you have any comments or suggestions please email [email protected] or if you are interested in the game and would like to give it a shot you can visit the ESO home page at http://eso.perfectworld.com.

    ESO is a fantasy MMORPG that allows you to select from 8 classes and up to as many as 4 races though only certain classes can be certain races. It allows for limited character customization but its graphics, music and opening/loading screens are very well done. The game’s community seems active and overall seem to enjoy the game which in itself is a reason to play; it is rare to find nice communities in the MMO world now a-days. All in all my initial play through of a few hours over this week the only issues I have noticed relate to character customization and monster respawn being too fast. Initially I give this game a seven out of ten and would recommend if you have a few minutes to give it a chance. We will be doing another review later this month that will be more detailed in addition to showing screenshots and an overview of the games ratings. For now though I will pass this over to Josh Travis who will give his review of the game.

    My download was rather speedy taking about 20 minute in total, which was something I liked. I went in thinking they had a lot of races and classes but they don’t really have as much as you think it’s more or less pick the class you want, which was fine but I don’t think they should advertise 4 races as that implies that you can choose between any class and race combo it’s not that at all. It was also rather easy to get to level 10 as I did so in a half hour period, while learning the controls. Game play was smooth and open but I felt the respawning enemies came back a bit too fast, you killed one and blink another is there. The bag system was simple to get and it organized itself for you, I thought that was nice but if you needed help on anything it was complex and hard to work around.

    I think this game has some end game potential I just never made it that far. It boasts about having tons of pets, and in game it has a pet fusing which increases your hp and mp. This is a neat thing it’s either fight on your own with extra power or fight with your pet. I don’t know how much faster mounts are but it didn’t feel as fast as it should. But other then that the game looks good sounds good and feels fun. If I were to put it at a score for its lower level content it would make a 7/10 I don’t know how it’s higher level content though as I never made it that far.