Moderator Application For Pimpanime

Moderator Application for Pimp Anime

1: Real Name:

2: Username:

3: Date of Birth:

4: GMT mark:


1:  How long have you been a member of Pimp Anime’s community: (Number of days, weeks, or even years):


2: What qualities do you have that you could offer the Pimp Anime community:


3: What would you do in the event there is a large number of rule-breakers?


4: What would you do in the event of someone arguing with you in the chat box?



True or False:

1: Depending on the situation, can it be okay to leave someone be for breaking a rule?


2: Is it okay to argue your case against a user who broke a rule?


3: If a user breaks a sentence into 4 – 5 different posts its spam?


4: If a user is prejudiced towards me, Can I be prejudiced back?


5: Is it okay to ban people based on how irritating they are?



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