Online; Again?

Hi, The site is back online once again. It keeps dropping and the few staff we have are not doing much updating but I hope that people still at least will visit to say “This thing still exists”. Anyway; that is really why this is here… Even those of you who say I am bad… That is the reason this is up; for all of you guys. I will keep my promise of keeping this alive in some fashion for its little nostalgic... Read More »

Looking For New Staff Members!

Hey, if anyone is interested, since Pimp Anime is coming back after a rather long time gone, we are looking for both uploaders for videos, and moderators for both the forums and chat box! You have to be sixteen or older and can be trained if you don’t know how to do either. Moderator Application. Uploader Application. Please Email the applications to [email protected] ... Read More »

As You May Have Noticed…

We have brought back the Age Old AMV of The Week Series! Every Week from now on an AMV handpicked by one of our team will be displayed just above the chatbox! If you have any recommendations please send them to piccogod over chatango! We hope you enjoy them as we try not to put any trash up there!

Latest Ongoing Episodes