1. No Spamming or using ALL CAPS in the chat.
  2. Please keep Role Play fighting to a minimum. General Role Playing is fine.
  3. Do not advertise competing anime sites.
  4. No offensive, racist, nationalist or obscene comments (including links)
  5. No Adult Content (that includes videos, pictures, and websites)
  6. Please only use English in the chat box and support tickets. We are an English based community, so if you speak in other languages we might not be able to understand you.
  7. Do NOT ask to be a moderator in the chat box or in comments.
  8. Please DO NOT post spoilers; if you want to give someone information about an anime that’s not PUBLIC knowledge then please do it in PM. Posting blatant spoilers will result in a ban if after being warned not to do so you continue.
  9. Treat others how you would want to be treated (Staff included)
  10. If you are banned, please appeal your ban via ticket. Contacting staff about it will only result in you being sent to do so.
  11. No power abuse. Any staff abusing power should be reported to a Senior Moderator or Administrator.
  12. Ignorance is not an excuse for violating the rules. If you violate the rules for not knowing them, you WILL be banned!
  13. Use of spamming or cracking programs to gain moderator or admin will result in banishment from the site and other actions being taken by the administration if applicable.
  14. Rules may be interpreted differently by each staff member. Please contact Community Management if you have questions or think that you’re being singled out or mistreated.
  15. Please be mindful of the videos you post in the chat and please ensure that you post a reasonable number of videos if you post them. Please refer to rule 15 if you have questions about what is acceptable. If you have questions, please ask the moderator on duty.
  16. Please only use live chat, ticket or phone for support. The Chat box and comments are not to be used for support.