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Outlaw Star: 1x7

Creeping Evil

The OS crew begin their life working with the ship and trying to finds ways to raise money for it as well as their slowly increasing debts. Trouble soon rears it ugly head when pirates attack both Gene and Mel. Suzuka, stopping by to settle what happened in the previous episode, saves Mel (claiming that it’ll be a good way to put Gene in her debt). While back at the space port, Gene able to kill all but the lead pirate. He tries to get Gene to tell where Hilda is but our hero plays dumb until until the officials scare the pirate away but not before vowing to take back the XGP (Geez a lot of vowing going on here). Jim arrives back at the Starwind and Hawkings office, only to find it a wreak and Mel & Suzuka waiting for Gene. The group head back to the ship where they find Gene calmly working on the bridge. Suddenly he doubles over in pain. When Jim tries to help him up, he finds his hand covered in blood! Gene admits he didn’t do a good job of covering it up before fainting and Jim scre

Outlaw Star: 1×7
Jan. 23, 2001